Monday, January 31, 2011

Energy Conservation video...

Watch the following clip and answer the following questions in your personal ADMT blog post. Put the URL of your blog post into the 'Comments' section of this post:

  • What do you think are some of the limitations of using renewable energy resources, based on the clip that you have seen?
  1. It may harm the residents of that certain area.
  2. It depends on the weather.
  • What are some possible solutions that the video have suggested?
  1. They can build smaller wind turbines.
  • How do you think Energy Conservation messages can be communicated effectively in the school or local context? Give or suggest some examples.
  1. Posters can be put up, advertisements can be set.

Energy Conservation video...Messaging for Kids

 Watch the following video clip and answer the questions that follow in a separate blog post in your personal ADMT blog. Put the URL of your blog posts into the 'Comments' section of this post:

  •  Who do you think are the target audience of this clip?

    1. Kids
    2. Parents

  •  What do you think are the main key messages that the clip is trying to communicate?

    1. CFL bulbs can save up to 50% energy if 25% of regular bulbs are replaced. ❖1 

  •  Do you think the clip is effective? Why or why not?

    1. The animation is an effective way of communicating with children especially.

  •  How do you think the messaging/clip could be further improved?

    1. The video should not just specify CFL bulbs , younger children may not understand what it is. 


    Tuesday, January 25, 2011