Sunday, February 20, 2011

Design Challenge 4 and 5

Design Challenge 4:
For your first challenge, you are tasked to design a door-wedge or stopper that is going to be used for a toddler or for a child up to the age of 6 years of age. The design should fulfill the following considerations:

  • Use only a SINGLE colour material
  • Should not have sharp corners
  • Is secure when placed as a door stopper, meaning that it cannot be removed easily without adult supervision
  • Must have an interesting theme relevant to their age group, i.e. favourite cartoons, shows, fairy tales, etc
My Design:

Design Challenge 5:
One of the main problem that one faces when charging a few electrical appliance at one go is the mess created by all the cables from a single power point. A possible scenario would look something like the picture shown below:

Take from:
For your second challenge, you would need to design a phone charger set or unit that would allow one to use it without the hassle and mess of having the wires and cables being all over the place. Your proposed designs should fulfill the following considerations:

  • Able to hold and secure a maximum of 2 phones concurrently
  • Able to be secure the charging cables neatly and safely
  • Can be used for most power-points in Singapore (either 3-pin or 2-pin plugs)
  • No sharp corners and easy to be used by the target group
  • Target group is anybody who has a mobile phone

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